Basic Posting Rules

Please follow our rules:

  • Select the correct category

    When creating an ad, users should choose the most appropriate category to ensure that their listing is displayed to the right audience. This helps users find what they are looking for more easily.

  • Avoid uploading images with watermarks

    Watermarked images often detract from the quality of the ad and can make it look less professional. Users are encouraged to upload clear, watermark-free images to enhance the appeal of their listing.

  • Please do not post the same ad more than once

    To prevent spam and clutter on the platform, users are usually restricted from posting the same ad multiple times in a short period. This rule often includes a waiting period, such as seven days, before re-posting the same ad.

  • Please do not enter your phone numbers/email in the title or description

    Including contact information in the title or description of an ad can potentially lead to privacy and security issues. To protect users’ privacy, it’s advisable to use the designated contact fields provided by the platform for sharing contact details.

  • Please make sure that all the information is entered correctly before pressing the “Post ad” button

    This rule emphasizes the importance of accuracy when creating an ad. Users should double-check all the information, including the item’s description, price, location, and contact details, before publishing the ad to avoid any confusion or inconvenience for potential buyers.